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Tunalyzer: Tunatic's companion

The Tunatic database is maintained by the Tunatic community itself through a program called Tunalyzer. Tunalyzer (when installed and enabled) scans your computer for music. When it finds a song that is not in Tunatic's database yet, it analyzes it and sends its audio fingerprint and metadata (title, artist, etc.) to the Tunatic server. Thus, that song can later be identified by other Tunatic users.
The more users install and enable Tunalyzer, the more songs can be identified through Tunatic. You have the power to make Tunatic better! :^)

How do I install Tunalyzer?

Download Tunalyzer v1.1 for Mac OS X v10.2 or better
NB: Tunalyzer should be available for the Windows platform in early 2007.

Download Tunalyzer with the link above (Tunalyzer is only available for Mac OS X at the moment), then move it to your Applications folder. Double-click its icon, then check the "Enable Tunalyzer" box. You can now quit Tunalyzer. It will run in the background, checking for new songs each time you open a session on your computer. If, for any reason, you don't want Tunalyzer to work anymore, just double-click its icon and uncheck the "Enable Tunalyzer" box.

New features (version 1.1)

  • Tunalyzer now logs its activity. Click "View Log..." to see the log of processed tracks.
  • You can now choose the location where Tunalyzer will search for music files. Click the "Choose Search Path..." button.

Where does Tunalyzer look for music?

Tunalyzer looks for music in the "Music" folder in your home folder by default. Version 1.1 allows you to choose the search location. Tunalyzer looks for mp3 or AAC files with metadata (title, artist, etc.)
If your "Music" folder contains mp3 or AAC files with inaccurate metadata, please select a more appropriate location.

How much CPU/bandwidth will Tunalyzer consume?

Tunalyzer works in the background, when no user activity (mouse motion, keystrokes) occurs. Thus, Tunalyzer doesn't interfere with your work. And since audio fingerprints are highly compressed, Tunalyzer consumes very little network bandwidth.

When will my tunalyzed tracks be identifiable through Tunatic?

Since the size and contents of the database can impact Tunatic's performance, all database updates are carefully tested before they are transferred to the main server. Currently this recurs about every 10 days. In the future, this process may be automatized and the latency may be reduced.

What about privacy?

We are concerned about privacy. None of your personal information is collected by our software (Tunatic and Tunalyzer) or transmitted by our software from your computers to ours. IP addresses may be recorded for security purposes.