CURRENT NEWS Data Rescue has been sold to Prosoft Engineering Inc.
Data Rescue is now owned by Prosoft Engineering, Inc. The new version is available for purchase from Prosoft.
To learn more about Data Rescue and its capabilities, check out Prosoft's new website.

Data Rescue is a tool for recovering lost Macintosh volumes. It recovers files and folders from crashed hard disks, floppy disks, or removable cartridges. Recovered data are saved to another medium, leaving the original disk untouched.

Data Rescue won the MacFixIt 1998 Toolbox Awards! MacFixIt

These awards go to the tools deemed most essential for troubleshooting Macintosh systems. Data Rescue won in the shareware category.

'Based on reader feedback from those that have used it, this must be the product of the year. Time and time again, readers reported how Data Rescue saved their bacon when every other utility they tried had come up short.'

MacFixIt, december 1998

Support for registered users of Data Rescue 3.0b and earlier versions: click here.

Try Gravité: freeware from the same author.


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