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03/28/2002: Gravité 2.0.3 is out. Though no Mac OS X version of Gravité is available yet, version 2.0.3 can be used within Classic, the Mac OS 9 compatibility environment.

10/26/2000: Gravité 2.0.2 is out. It fixes a couple of bugs. Japanese version also available!

01/23/2000: Gravité is available in Japanese!

12/25/1999: Sylvain Demongeot releases Gravité 2.0, the new PowerPC-optimized, Drag Manager-compliant version of his "unutility" Gravité.

What is Gravité?

Gravité makes Macintosh Drag & Drop look and feel more like the real thing. When Gravité is installed, dragged items (Finder icons, image clips) behave according to laws of mechanics such as gravity, inertia and friction.

Download Gravité here!

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Revision History for Version 2

Gravité 2.0.3 © Sylvain Demongeot, 1999-2002.
Slider CDEF by Jim Stout.
Thanks to Yuzuru Shiraiwa ('E-WA') for the Japanese version.
Thanks to Michael Simmons for his suggestions.

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