Stamina is a handy utility for capturing web sites onto your hard disk. You can browse the captured files offline through Charisma, a personal proxy server. Charisma will also fetch and cache unavailable data.

Stamina and Charisma run under the late (boo hoo!) BeOS R4.

Grab web sites

With Stamina, you can grab a single page, an entire site, or whatever hyperlinks lead to. You can also specify the type and size of files to grab.


Speed up the Web

Use Charisma to browse what you grabbed with Stamina. Unavailable files will be fetched by Charisma transparently, or on demand.


Keep your pages fresh

With Stamina, refreshing your pages is just one click. Updating, continuing or deepening a grab doesn't mean everything will be re-loaded - just the new data.


Keep your bookmarks

Using Charisma is so transparent you needn't type a different URL or change your bookmarks. And followed links will keep their color.


Plug one, serve many

If you have a local network, Charisma can serve several machines with any OS, any browser. Charisma provides web access and a common cache for everyone, using a single internet access.


Other features:

Get Stamina & Charisma now!

If you use BeOS R3, download version 1.2.2 PPC/Intel.

Stamina+Charisma are now unsupported and free. When asked for your name and code, enter FREE as the name and A1-E586 as the code.

Stamina+Charisma's source code is now distributed under a BSD-style license and can be downloaded here. This comes with absolutely no support.

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