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iPodDownload plugin for iTunes: too good to last!

FAQ about iPodDownload

Q: Where can I find iPodDownload? Can you send it to me be e-mail?
A: After Apple threatened my web hosting company, I had to withdraw the plugin. Although I believe the plugin does not infringe Apple or anyone's copyright, I Just don't have the time to go into discussions with Apple's law people. So I don't distribute the program anymore, through any media.

Q: iPodDownload does not work with the new version of iTunes. Will you make a new version?
A: No.

Q: But I really need the plugin.
A: many programs do the same job, only not as an iTunes plugin. Check out those:

Thank you for all the good feedback from all iPodDownload users.

Important: if you want to uninstall iPodDownload from your mac, here is how to do it: go to [your main volume]/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins, then remove the file named "iPod Download Plugin".

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